Wednesday, February 18, 2015

If You Could Teach 1?

What would be you one?

In the halls, a few of us were discussing possible new lesson plans requirements and writing them for every lesson. During the course of the conversation, we started to talk about middle school and how they usually specialize in one subject area. This then progressed to what we would teach if we only had to teach one. this short synopsis of a conversation leads me to my question.

If you could choose one elementary subject to teach, what would it be?

In elementary school, we often teach 5-7 subjects a day ranging from math to reading. While this provides a great variety for a person, it can also be time consuming. It is a pro, and a great one, and a con in some ways. With most elementary teachers, it seems they develop a preference towards one or two subjects across the multiple ones they teach. Some so much so that they go to middle school and teach just that subject.

If I could choose one, it would be a tough call between math and Virginia history. Those two seem to be the ones I always lean and finish first to when it comes time to do lesson plans. Picking just one, it would have to be Virginia History. I love the different parts of history it involves. If I could solely focus on one of those subjects and develop lessons, I can only imagine the possibilities!

By the way...the words above were made using It is a fun way to use vocabulary in the curriculum to display for the students.

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