Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Answer is......What is the Question?

what is the question to this answer?
I pinned this picture earlier today, and it has been on my mind all day! About five years ago, a principal I worked for pushed this learning tool. I made a poster, hung it in the room, did it for about a week, then the novelty wore off ,and I had the same answer on the poster for about a month until a student asked when I was going to change it...oops.

So, why after five years am I suddenly excited by the concept again? It could be the use of Post-It notes, which is a personal favorite or the ease with which this picture makes it look. Either way, I was completely enthralled and consumed by starting this idea again. It is a higher level thinking skill, but when properly modeled, can be worthwhile for all learners.

As I am running through it in my mind, I am contemplating ways to make it efficient even more interactive for the students. I would like to start it though as a way to review for the upcoming state tests.

Furthermore, I have only used it in conjunction with the Virginia History Standards of Learning. I can see it being easily implemented in science and perhaps reading, but I think math would be a little more difficult.

Have you used this in your classroom? Have you tried it with math? What strategies have you found to make it worthwhile?

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