Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Free Sample - Math Review Pages for Partners - Many uses!

I felt like it was time for another quick to implement freebie to help review for the end of the year.

Versatile, many uses, multiple variations seem to be terms I use a lot, but that is because I like to switch things up and keep the classroom alive! These versatile pages have MANY uses! They can be partner pages, exit tickets, summative or formative grades, homework, centers, or individual review.

Uses: (There are no directions on the page to allow flexibility of use)

1) The original intention was to pass them out randomly and have a student with a black side pair up with a student with a gold side. They would then work as partners to complete the paper in the following way: They each do problem number 1 on their paper. When they finish, they switch and check each others problem number 1, correcting, complimenting, or both. Next, without switching back, they do problem number 2 on the paper they have. When they finish, they switch to check number 2 (they should have their original paper back now). After checking number 2, they do number 3 on the paper they have, switch when done and check, then do problem number 4 and so on until they do all 10. Essentially, the students are each doing 20 problems though checking their problems. Finally, they do the purple side for homework. The beauty of it is they have the other side with examples of each problem on the homework if needed.
2) Assign the purple side for homework, The next day have them pair up with a partner, check the purple side,  and do the other side as mentioned in #1. Number 1 does take some modeling at first, but after about 4 problems, they get the routine.
3) Assign the black and gold sides for homework, have then match up with their same side the next day to check and then do the purple side together.
4) Have then partner up with their same color (black or gold) and do the problems on that side together. Purple side then for homework.
5) Do the black or gold side for homework, pair up to check for understanding. They then do the purple side independently to turn in for a formative or summative grade or an exit ticket.
** If having them turn it in for a grade, the purple side is preferred since it is the same for everyone.**
6) Do the black and gold sides as described in number 1. After they finish, do the purple side independently to turn in for a formative or summative grade or exit ticket.
This is 6 ways I have used them, but there is the potential for many more! You could even have all do the black together, purple for homework, then assess them all on the gold….endless opportunities for review or assessment.
When modeled, the students do well correcting their peers problems and learn from the peer modeling. I role my expectations and play key phrases to use when correcting and complimenting their partners to avoid certain phrases.

For the full version, Each skill has three separate pages and answer keys to provide different options for review. I call the activity my Black and Gold papers (because I love the Steelers), and often give the purple side for homework, but have also used them for grades or exit tickets.

Free Sample: Math Partner Pages to help review for SOL's 4.1, 4.4, 4,5a

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