Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Math and Reading Virginia SOLs Test Prep

The Virginia Department of Education has identified certain SOL's in math and reading as challenging for students across the state in each grade level. In order to better prepare myself and my fellow teachers for the math and reading SOL test, I put together test prep cards for those specific standards. These cards are structured to practice the specific SOL standards identified by the VDOE during guided math, reading, or whole groups through importing the pdf into a flip chart. The questions on the cards are directly related those standards as directed by the VDOE and allow for a quick practice by card or individual standard. The cards are formatted as a fill in the blank to allow for multiple versions of the same question or for differentiation by math or reading group. The reading ones are very similar and follow the areas of challenge from grades 3-5.

To prep either the math o reading in advance, pint out the lesson page for the standard you wish to practice. 

Then, fill in the blanks for the questions asked. I often have more than one correct answer to make it similar to the TEI questions asked on the SOLs.

Finally, use a wet-erase marker to fill in the blanks on the cards to use in your group.

Best of all they are all FREE!

For grades 3-5 Math Cards:

For grades 3-5 Reading Cards: 

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