Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Mixing of the Virginia History Standards

As my students are reviewing for the standardized tests in Virginia, I am finding some concepts or time periods commonly confused. Based on observations, I am developing pages to specifically use VS.1 standards (sequencing, compare and contrast, etc.) to practice the different concepts across the rest of the curriculum that my students are mixing up this year. I have finished a few, and I would love some feedback on one example to see if it is worth continuing and publishing the rest.

Below is a link to the document. I have done it in a color by concept format and a Venn diagram sort to compare and contrast.

Revolutionary War and Civil War Review

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kahoot for the Classroom

There are so many great classroom tools out there, that often I get so involved with what I am doing that I forget some of the tools available. A student asked last week when we would do another Kahoot. I had to stop and think about what he was talking about, then I remembered the Kahoot quizzes we had done. I had completely forgotten about that, but he obviously hadn't. The students had loved the quizzes and were actively engaged during the game, why hadn't I utilized these more?

As I create more, I will post them here so that you can use them in your classroom as well! Feel free to share ones you have made in the comments.