Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Mixing of the Virginia History Standards

As my students are reviewing for the standardized tests in Virginia, I am finding some concepts or time periods commonly confused. Based on observations, I am developing pages to specifically use VS.1 standards (sequencing, compare and contrast, etc.) to practice the different concepts across the rest of the curriculum that my students are mixing up this year. I have finished a few, and I would love some feedback on one example to see if it is worth continuing and publishing the rest.

Below is a link to the document. I have done it in a color by concept format and a Venn diagram sort to compare and contrast.

Revolutionary War and Civil War Review


  1. I think they are great! I like that the kids color them. It is something different than paper/pencil. It also makes checking for us much easier. It really is a quick eyeball check. Make more! I've taught VA History in Loudoun for 21 years, and I buy many, many of your products. You make some fantastic products. My students will be doing this activity next week.

  2. Oh! I had only looked at the first one. I like the Venn Diagram, too. Venn Diagrams have appeared on some of our tests, so that is a good idea, too. Maybe a little bit of both?

  3. Love the comments! It is going to be my summer project so I can come up with some quality comparisons and VS.1 connections in a fun review form.