Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Teacher's First Day of School Freebie

Tomorrow is my first day back with the students. I anticipate not being able to get to sleep tonight and nervous jitters tomorrow. You would think after over a decade of first days, I would be calm, but that is definitely not the case. The excitement of a new year is just as fresh and amazing as the first year, if not more since that first year I didn't completely understand in my young, naive ways what a career as a teacher fully entailed.
Anyway, I am going back to school and have a present for you! I made these trading cards after some training day discussions at school and wanted to share them exclusively with social media followers. These will be posted for a couple days so share and share quickly. 

They are a cute way to learn the important Virginia people.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Monthly Giveaways through Teacher's Notebook!

This year, I will be featuring monthly giveaways in addition to sales and "Free for Fifteen" deals. The monthly giveaways are going to be through the website The reason I chose this website is Teacher's Notebook does everything for me! They pick the random winners and then email them with a link to download the product. It couldn't be easier! I love the options they offer as well. I can pick the amount of winners, the length of the giveaway, and the products to give away. When the contest is over, I can also send out an email to the people who entered thanking them for their participation and offering the product at a discount (which can be ANY watch for 50% off deals if you enter!). Math is going to be my personal focus for improvement this year, so watch for those products specifically to be highlighted int he giveaways!

 If you have any product you would like to be considered for a giveaway, write it in the comments below. If it is in my TPT store, I can easily add it and make it a giveaway.