Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rounding Numbers... A Confusing Concept

It is that time of year that I start rounding whole numbers in the classroom. This concept always throws students.

Once students understand rounding to a place value, then they need to be able to reverse their thinking and find which number would round to the answer given when rounded to a given place value. What? Even as I type it I am getting confused. In a place value pre-assessment, students who missed one question or more, 96% of them missed the question related to this concept. That is a huge percentage for one concept that is being more and more frequently presented on tests.

Here is an example:

Which number would round to 4,560,000 when rounded to the ten thousands place:
A) 4,569,423
B) 4,565,453
C) 4,557,346
D) 4,554,908

The answer is C. Did you get it right?

Then a question gets thrown in where they ask the student to pick ALL the right answers to a similar question.

If you are like me and needed something else to present to the students to help them see it in a different way, click the link below for a FREE sort. It has examples and non-examples, or "oddballs," to confirm their understanding of the concept.

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