Monday, January 11, 2016

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! In Your Classroom!

Blue SnowflakeBlue SnowflakeBlue SnowflakeBlue SnowflakeBlue Snowflake
Have you ever had a snowball toss in your classroom?

If you have never used "snowballs" to build anticipation and excitement for a concept, you need to read on! My students beg to play this game regardless of the concept.  I, also,  love this type of review game! It gets the students up, moving, and actively engaged!

There is a link to a FREE snowball game for Addition and Multiplication Equality Equations at the end.
Directions for the game:
To Play:
Give each student a half or quarter piece of paper
Explain how to play the game (below). I play silently (because snow falls silently), but that is up to you. You could play “Let it Snow” in the background for added effect
The students then crumple the paper into a “snowball” 
On the count of three, they throw the “snowballs” in the air toward the middle of the area or room (this makes it easier to find them all)
Each student finds a snowball, opens it up, looks at it, solves t and holds it in front of them for others to see. Then, without talking, find the student with the other half or part of their paper.
When all are paired, repeat for as many cycles as you wish

Blue Snowflake

HAVE FUN!! I know the kids will!

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