Sunday, January 17, 2016

Transition Words To Go.

Transition Words Index Card for the Students
At the beginning of the year, the students were struggling with the concept of transition words and paragraph formation. I had a poster and graphic organizers, but quite a few of them would benefit from having a list in front of them, so I made this index card (link below).

The index is patterned after the 5 paragraph, four-square model, which I find very user friendly for some types of writings.

GREEN MEANS GO! The GREEN square is a list of traditional transitions a writer would use to begin the writing. This is a basic list and the students are encouraged to expand it on the back.

YELLOW is the continuation of the writing and the middle main paragraphs. 

RED is the final paragraph where we stop, or bring the writing to a close.

As the students become more comfortable with the transitions, longer transitional phrases or connections (like the one used to start this paragraph) can be introduced to the writers to further enhance their writing pieces. The students are also challenged to use transitions other than first,next, then, second, and third. They are on the cards, but only as guides since they are often very comfortable with those particular ones, to show the students where in the writing it would go.

When they are not in  use, the cards go in the "tools" section of their folders for safe keeping. These bags have given them a sense of ownership of the items kept n there. I have noticed they are very organized this year and know where their things go.

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