Duct Tape

I tend to become really,shall we saw, passionate about products. In the past it has and in a way still is, Post-It notes, paint strips and for a short time, Sharpie and Expo markers. With paint strips, I went as far as to call a company that was discontinuing their strip I used and asked if I could have the ones they were going to throw away for school use, and they got them to me. It never fails how helpful people can be in the name of education.

In the past year I have become very passionate, and let me repeat VERY, about Duct tape. I am not exaggerating when I say I have over 100 rolls (not the duckling,but the full rolls) of pattern and solid colors. I love to use it in class, and activities that involve tape and Post-it notes, for get it! I am sold! I have devoted a board on Pinterest to just Duct Tape (and one with Post-Its) in the classroom and would love your comments about great ways you use it in class.

When I brought out the tape last year, whether it was used for math, reading, or Mothers/Father's Day crafts, the excitement in the room by both boys and girls was contagious. We made flower pens for Mother's Day and I thought I was going to have to really sell it to the boys, but they were just as excited and into the activity as the girls.

Please comment below or post to my Facebook page your great ideas for Duct Tape!

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